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In recent posts I’ve been writing about time and some mighty interesting Utne Reader articles on time.  Whether we’re more important than our appointment book, how to expand time, living on Tokyo time and the politics of spontaneity.

Now it’s time for some wild time.

Jay Griffiths in this excellent article of the same name maintains that we’re born chock full of time, and yet we tend to tame it as  time passes (no pun intended).

Wild time and the wilderness have much in common, they’re both “everlasting, undefined, unenclosed, unnamed, a mystery”.

Unfortunately they both only exist in patches now.

In the West at least we tend to have tamed time.

“Wild time is not necessarily easier to be in, for its waters are uncontrolled, uncommanded and uncharted.”

However if you’re up for the adventure and if you feel the beckoning for more wild time, here are some hints for how to find it:

–    look for “things that are most resistant to the clock”
–    watch for ways to escape ordinary
–    play (tickle your kid)
–    play seriously (go to the theatre)
–    laugh
–    “resist the clock’s coercion”
–    loose yourself in music
–    loose yourself period; get lost and take your time finding your way back
–    loose yourself (and your watch) in whatever you love to do


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