Destination passion

On this first day of 2010 I’m thinking about destinations.

Specifically where we’re headed with hard work.  Where our passion’s home port is.  Where the fuel that fires us up leads us towards.

With a bit of luck, a lot of hard work  we get to find our passion, our element as Sir Ken Robinson calls it.  What fuels us.  What makes work feel like play.  What makes for wild time, when time ebbs and flows as easily as the ocean tide, with no thought to clock time, to-do lists, shoulds or ought to’s.

Much is happening in our chaotic world that’s fueled by passion.  People get killed in the name of passion.  Wars are fought in the name of passion.  One person, one country is passionate about a particular ideology, a value, a religion, or a piece of land steeped in history and for those who hold different views this can become a recipe for bloody warfare.  For terrorism.  For stealing lives and vaporizing dreams.

I’m thinking about where passion can lead us when it’s misplaced.

I’m thinking about the young man whose passion fueled him to try to blow up a plane on Christmas day.  What a difference it would make if that energy, that hard work, that passion and commitment were channeled towards peace.

Imagine if we all used our power for good not evil.  And yes, I know that defining good is elusive and may be over-simplistic …. but maybe not.

(Enter Wonder Woman.)

Imagine a world where passion was channelled.  Where good deeds were the norm, where decisions were made with an ear to listening to the needs of future generations (human, plant and animal).

My sincere wish for 2010 is for destination passion – for people to find the fuel that fires them up and in doing so, bundle up the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the strategizing, and the tough choices and put them toward a destination that fuels all of humanity.

May 2010 see our efforts be directed towards projects, ideals, organizations and institutions that add beauty, that sow ideals of peace and justice, that promote creativity, that uncover differences that make a difference and similarities that are significant.  Instead of working to promote hatred, intolerance and violence.  I wish.


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