Cookie dough & the delicate balance of today & tomorrow

Before I can blink, with a shake of his shaggy head, my teen inhales food.  All the food.  All the time.

Hence I hoard.

(Much to his shock, horror and dismay.)

“Moooooooooooooooom!” (drawing out the vowel as only a kid can do) “Where is the cookie dough?”

(Confession time; I love to make cookies however they rarely make it from the dough to the oven.)

Little does he know that I’ve found a new and improved hiding space for said dough.

My hiding cookie dough and other treats gets his proverbial knickers in a knot.  He protests it’s not fair (accompanied by much rolling of the eyes, sighing and other loud exhalations).

I’ve come to understand that this one isn’t explainable.  He, in his focus on the here and now and what is just and right in the eyes of 12 year old, isn’t capable of understanding delaying gratification, making things last, drawing out the sweets and the sweetness.

His world is about NOW.

And while I marvel at the ease in which he lives in the moment, I also appreciate my adult ability to make things last, and plan for the future.  Besides my waistline thanks me.

And you?  What’s your balance between living for the moment and planning for the future?


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