Best case scenario

“Your mind will automatically go to the worst case scenario.  So practice the best case scenario.”

Wise words from my massage therapist.

I love when my attention is caught and held by something that shakes up my preconceptions.  That highlights patterns of thinking that I wasn’t aware of.  When my synapses sparkle.

With all due respect to my amygdala, the two almond shaped bits buried deep in our brains, that filter all incoming information and ask one main question of it all.

Am I safe?

If the amagdala decides yes, then the information is passed along to to our cerebral cortex for higher thinking.  Seth Godin calls the amygdala our lizard brain (because it’s the only part of the brain that a lizard has). Jill Bolte Taylor, the famous neuroscientist who experienced a massive stroke, writes about it in her book “Stroke of Insight”.

We’re already really good at awfulizing or practicing worst case scenarios.  Our amygdala’s work overtime.

It’s time to assuage the amygdala’s doubts and let it rest.  Let’s practice best case scenarios.  Imagine what the world would be like if that was our default…..


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