Fail forward

When Albert Einstein was asked what the best source of invention was he replied ‘mistakes’ (as heard on Terry O’Reilly’s Age of Persuasion).

The only time we don’t make mistakes is when we’re sleeping (found on an IKEA postcard).

Why then do we deny mistakes?  Cover them up?  Hide from them?  Are embarrassed by them?

Is it fear of not fitting in?  Feeling like a fool?

I still remember, from grade 10 science class, that getting a burn from steam is worse than getting a burn from touching something hot.  I remember because I initially got the question wrong.  The act of correcting it seems to have seared (no pun intended) it in to my brain.

Here’s to mistakes in all their glorious messiness.  Here’s to failing forward.

And you?  What mistakes have you made lately?


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