What does it take to say ‘good job’?

I was shopping in Costco yesterday and saw the above sign on a cash register.   At the bottom of the sign was written ‘Great job everyone!  Let’s keep those sales up!!!!’

What’s wrong with this picture?

Certainly not endeavouring to raise money for a good cause.  Certainly not spurring each other on by keeping track of who raised how much.

Certainly being referred to as Operator FT-57.  Ouch!  Sounds robotic.

And before you cry privacy, yes I get that.  But what would be wrong with referring to the person (’cause it ain’t no robot bringing in the bucks) by their first name.

I’d be tempted to search out the person at their til and say ‘way to go, great job, keep it up _______ (insert name here).’

With today’s stress levels at an all time high staff need all the motivation they can get.  I’m thinking the above wasn’t all that motivational for the Costco staff.  Yet for a slight change it could have rocked.

What are you doing that unwittingly demotivates folks?

Daniel Pink has some surprising things to say about motivation, check out the TED video below and if you like it pick up his latest book ‘Whole New Mind’ (it’s great).

Can you solve the candle problem?


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