What is creativity? Making a radio out of a phone

The other day my 13 year old nonchalantly took my IPhone and placed it in the radio (see above).  What was he doing?  Using the radio to play the music off my IPhone.


For him, yes.

For me, no.

I had banded my thinking, which is a creativity killer.  Banded thinking is placing constricting, limiting beliefs around our thinking.  Like you can’t play a phone on a radio.

Even though I use earphones to listen to my music on my IPhone.  Even though I use it for many other uses, ‘phone’ was the dominant category reserved in my gray matter.  My kid unbanded my thinking.

IPhone used to equal phone.

Now IPhone equals cool kitchen radio.

Took my kid to take off the bands and make me realize how you can make a phone into a radio.

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