Kick the rabbit in the butt & suspend disbelief – it’ll lead to breakthroughs

Can you walk on water?  These guys can.  Check out the video below to see how they do it.

“You have to believe … it’s not impossible.”  “We’re discovering it as we go along.” Some of it “was by mistake.”  “It takes a lot of practice.”  “If you fall down try again.” All words of advice from these water walkers.

It’s about mind over matter.  Steely, gritty determination wins over what I call “yeah but, no but, rabbits”.

  • yeah but we’ve tried that before
  • yeah but we don’t have the time
  • yeah but we don’t have the money
  • no but ‘they’ll’ never go for it
  • no but it’s impossible
  • no but it won’t work

There’s time and place for critical analysis, determining ROI, weighing the pros and cons etc. however these come way too early.  Instead the ‘yeah but no but rabbits’ decimate creativity and innovation.

After all someone had to suspend disbelief in order to:

  • sail around the world without falling off the edge
  • invent a phone that didn’t tie you down by a cord
  • create a virtual encyclopedia that has displaced hard copy encyclopedias

So kick the rabbit in the butt, suspend disbelief and see what breakthroughs it leads to.

Like walking on water.

Caveat: some folks think this is a marketing ploy for the shoe company.  What do I believe?  I dunno but then again I don’t really care, it’s about suspending disbelief.

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