Take a deep breath & remember to exhale

To get the things you’ve never had

Do the things you’ve never done

(Sign posted in a store I visited while at a community festival today.)

If you define ‘things’ beyond just stuff this is powerful.

It’s also timely.

I’m embarking on some radical new learning for some new business goals.  Most of the time I’m jazzed up with excitement and standing tall, looking into the future.  Sometimes though when my nerves are knocking and my breath feels faint and echoes of ‘are you sure you can really do this?’ bounce around in my head, it’s good to remember…..

Take a deep breath and remember to exhale.

You never know what fire’s burning inside you until you bring it out into the light of day.

What do you need to do to get the things you’ve never had?

And speaking of diving in, take a look at this crazy and courageous guy who takes a deep breath and soars, literally.


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