The pros and cons of training stubborness, from a baboon’s point of view

As a trainer you’re likely passionate about your content matter (if you’re not, uh, maybe you shouldn’t be teaching it).  You probably have tried and true methods that you’re confident in and killer hip pocket activities that you have at the ready.

Great!  Really. These are good signs of being assertive, on track and stubborn (in a good way).

As a trainer you likely also have things that you’re hanging onto … well … because.  Things that you’re stubborn about in not a good way.  Things you’re unwilling to try, people you don’t like to work with, activities you shy away from.

Some of them likely have good reason.

The trick is telling which are good to hang onto and which, as a good trainer who is constantly growing and developing, which you should let drop.

Here’s the same thing, told from a baboon’s point of view.  Hanging onto the seeds got him captured (not so good).  Hanging onto the seeds led the bushman to water (very good thing).  Stubborn?  You bet!  Should he have dropped the seeds?

You be the judge.  What are your training seeds?  Things that you could let go of to avoid an imagined negative consequence?


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