Doing things differently as a trainer gets attention

Learning can’t happen without attention.  Our brains have to be sitting up, ready to absorb, in order to learn.  One way of getting our participant’s attention is by doing things differently.  By doing things creatively.

How much have the estimates changed of how much oil is pulsating into the Gulf?

A lot.  Loads.  More than you can imagine.

Paltry descriptions these.  They don’t have any teeth, they don’t resonate, they’re bland.

How about this …

April 25- estimates were at 1,000 bbl. a day

April 28- changed to 5,000 bbl. a day

May 27- increased to 19,000 bbl. a day

June 10- revised to 30,000 bbl. a day

June 15- doubled at 60,000 bbl. a day

Okay, fair enough, but how about showing me in pictures (Rorschach test notwithstanding)?  See picture on top of post.  That’s when my brain sits up and says ‘wah!  you gotta be kidding!’

Interestingly the numbers are from Time’s website, the picture is from the magazine.

How can you do things differently as a trainer to get your participant’s attention?

Caveat: if you take the Rorschach test from the link above and don’t like your results, see this link.  Doing things differently.


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