Doing things differently gets attention- even when it comes to saying thanks

I’ve been on a roll with two prior posts about how we as trainers can do things differently, in order to help prime our participants for learning.  I think being creative and doing things differently is critical to being a great trainer.

If participants don’t want to learn, if they’re not paying attention (to us and each other) then no amount of great content is going to make a whit of difference.  Doing things differently can certainly help with priming folk for learning.

This extends to saying thanks.

I recently taught a workshop on Life Lenses™ in Ojai, California.

Life Lenses™ is a self-assessment that looks at what comes onto your radar naturally, easily and comfortably, as well as it identifies what you tend to miss.  Life Lenses™ is about identifying where you shine and where some polish might be needed in order to let the light (and a fuller perspective) in.

It’s all about perspective, or as Tom Peters says: “I tell it like it is.” Baloney! “I tell it like it is [as seen through my narrowview lens].”

I had a such a great time with the group that I sent them a customized video.  In today’s hustle bustle world I really wanted to show appreciation for people showing up, participating, getting engaged and having fun.  It was fun to make and didn’t take much time.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s one participant’s resounding response to it:

You are cute, funny, specific, flowing, easy going, detailed, squishy, timely and lovely.  The thank you video is WONDERFUL!!!  You are brilliant and a treasure to behold. Dyana Valentine


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