Elegant lessons about not holding on

From Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo’s hands comes the gorgeous traditional Tibetan textile piece pictured above.

Equally illuminating is the quote beside it.

‘We don’t have to let go, we simply have to not hold on’ by Joseph Goldstein.

I love sayings that get to the heart of things.  That pack an international journey into one suitcase.  That leave you hanging, mouth slightly agape, brain humming and wanting more.  This is one such.

Focusing on letting go means choosing to have reached out, to have grasped in the first place.  If you’re not holding onto something you can’t let it go because you didn’t have it in the first place.

Not holding on means not making the choice to grasp in the first place.  No clenching, no holding on with teeth gritted teeth until the cordons in your neck are screaming at attention.

Regarding training and development, I’ve learned to not hold onto my expertise.  While I have it in spades (expertise that is), I freely share it and welcome others’ expertise.  Not holding onto my having to be the supreme expert, know all, Grand Poobah of powerful learning means I can focus on other things when I’m designing and/or delivering a workshop.

Other things like creativity, innovation and engagement.

What can you not hold onto regarding your training and development?

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