Life Lenses™ – Are you ready to see clearly?

  • “Really trying hard to implement the ‘diversity thing’ but in reality it’s driving you nuts?”
  • “Feel like your boss might as well be speaking Latin for all you understand him/her?
  • “Does what’s important to you get dismissed at work?”
  • “Want to take your organization to the next level but you’re stuck with doubt due to competing perspectives?”

These challenges arise because we don’t have a clear view of ourselves or others.  Our perspective is unclear because we can’t step out of our own frame to see the whole view.  We’re naturally biased (for example we lean towards favouring our own perspectives) and that bias affects our success.

Most of us are not aware of our own biases and how they get in the way of our relationships with ourselves and others.

Put another way, our perspective is coloured by the lenses we all wear – the lenses that affect what comes onto our radar easily, naturally and comfortably AND what never makes it onto our radar, our awareness, in the first place.

Life Lenses™, a simple self-assessment, make the lenses we all wear visible, the lenses that colour our perspective and affect how we act, what we think and the decisions we make.

Being aware of your lenses, your Life Lenses™, are as essential to communication as windshields are to cars.

Are you ready to see clearly?  Watch for the upcoming global launch of Life Lenses™ online.

But first here’s a sneak peak.  What are the Life Lenses™?  They are 8 lenses that are arranged in opposite pairs.  Allow me to introduce them…

Carrot lenses love details and systems, while mountain lenses love trends, patterns, big concepts

Stop lenses require reflection while go lenses require action

Head lenses pay attention to facts while heart lenses prioritize feelings and intuition

Journey lenses focus on the process while for destination lenses it’s all about getting things done

Want to find out more?  Simply sign up to receive updates and be among the first to take the Life Lenses™ online assessment. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will explain the Life Lenses™ in more detail.


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