Musty learning made new, Amsterdam style

I remember whiling away long, hot summer days as a child curled up in a corner of my local library.  Feet tucked under me, I’d fold myself into a corner, head buried in a story.  The musty smell of  books and the dull, gray walls would be replaced by whatever adventure my mind had taken me to via the pages of what I was reading such as solving mysteries with Nancy Drew or dreaming up fanciful, new art projects.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found myself in an entirely different sort of library, where my good friend and colleague, Gerd Junne, had taken me in Amsterdam.  The airy, open space beckoned imaginations to bloom and flourish.  Even the computer screens gave reason to pause (and not just because they were Macs).  Each computer had its own distinctive screen saver.

The one above says ‘helpless’.

The one below says ‘lie’ and the one below that, ‘bored’ as if to draw a line in the sand and test you. Could you possibly be bored in such a place?

Absorb, grow, weave, inhale …. learning comes in all places, in all forms.


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