“We are born with the capacity to hear, we must learn to listen” Miha Pogacnik

His arm flew, directing the bow in a wild and frenetic dance with the strings, while his chin hung onto the base of the violin for dear life.  His hair looked like a bowl of fine spaghetti flying off in one direction, only to be pulled back in another with the rhythmic sway of his body.

Interrupting the music notes he launched into the air were his enthusiastic musings about the language of music, which he described with equally enthusiastic thrusts of felts on the page.

It felt as though this exuberant man had sucked the air right out of the room with his energy.  We all held our breath as  result.

Welcome to a workshop given at the W.I.N. conference in Paris recently by Miha Pogacnik, the Cultural Ambassador & Founder of the Institute for the Development of Intercultural Relations Through the Arts.

The most memorable statement he made for me was “we are born with the capacity to hear, we must learn to listen.” Apropos as someone who has carved out an international career based on giving the gift of music and encouraging people to truly hear it.

And us trainers?  What do we need to listen for when we’re practicing our art and craft?

In between the syllables, in between breaths and breaks there is much fuel for training and development … if only we listen.

Want a peek for yourself?  Here is Miha performing at another event.


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