What’s your theory of change? Evolution or Revolution?

Ever wondered what your theory of change is?  How do you believe change happens?
If you’re a learning and development specialist then you’re out to change – change minds, expand learning, influence behaviour.  Face it, you’re a changemaker.
One way to look at change is on a continuum with evolution at one end and revolution at the other.  Which you liken change to:
  • evolution: change happens best as a slow, gradual process, like a river washing over and eventually shaping the rocks that line its bed
  • revolution: change happens best when it’s in your face, abrupt, obvious and stark
  • or are you somewhere in the middle of the two?
Check out Alicia Kritsonsis’ ‘Comparison of Change Theories’ article, California State University.   Click on the link & then click on article of same name to download it.
If you know your theory of change you’ll be more likely to effect it as a trainer.
(This is one of the resources from the recent Rock.Paper.Scissors e-newsletter interviewing global change agent Sara Mitaru.)

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