Learning about change & the power of music to rock the world from United Nations ‘Messenger of Truth’ Sara Mitaru©

Imagine being able to write “Messenger of Truth” as a job title on your CV.  That’s what the incomparable Sara Mitaru can claim.

What exactly is a messenger of truth?  The United Nation’s Messengers of Truth (MOT) Project has 3 major objectives:
  1. to inform youth living in slums and inner cities of the Millennium Development Goals through the songs and performances of socially committed Hip-Hop artists singing and rapping in different languages worldwide;
  2. to empower youth organizations worldwide by providing platforms where their voices can be heard and to help legitimize their participation in decisions that affect their livelihoods and finally;
  3. to support projects worldwide demonstrating how youth organizations have been able to solve critical social, economic and environmental problems.
I sat down with Sara while we were both working in Turkey this past summer to interview the Kenyan songbird. As an artist, a musician, (at the time) a mama to be and an entrepreneur, she’s a potent package.
Here are three things I learned from her:
  1. the medium is the message
  2. the power of women & storytelling
  3. effecting social change

Read more about my interview with her by downloading the document in the latest Rock.Paper.Scissors e-newsletter.

See the video of my interview with her below.


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