10 tips for trainers part one: bumblebee butts & booty

It’s my birthday tomorrow and as tomorrow’s not a usual day for posting I thought I’d give you a gift today.

Ever since I hit the earth some 4+ decades ago I’ve not had to wait for Christmas to open gifts so I thought I’d share the bounty with you, my dear blog reader, with you.  Thanks for your readership.  I hope you enjoy this gift- 10 tips for trainers part one (part two comes next post).

1. Take care of your bumblebee butt

  • no I’ve not gotten into the nog, rather I’m taking a page from bumblebees.  In order to communicate, from one bee to another how to find the source of nectar bumblebees do a cute, hairy, little butt dance.  Yep, they shake their booty to communicate their treasure map.
  • turns out though that when they’re tired their dance suffers and so too do the instructions.
  • it’s the same with us trainers.  Training’s really hard work.  If you want to shake your booty and have all neurons firing you’ve got to take care of yourself.
  • get sleep, eat well, bring a snack with you.  If it’s going to be a conflictual setting bring lavender spray.
  • bring and/or do whatever helps you be your best so you can do your best for the learners.

2. Nix the jibber jabber ‘tude

  • humour is a strategic tool for training because when participants are laughing they’re using the same part of their brain they use for strategic, critical and innovative thinking
  • the strategic use of humour (and I underscore strategic, no clown noses or fake dog poo) primes the brain for learning
  • so don’t check your sense of humour at the door like the judge asks in the clip below, rather embrace it and encourage your learners too as well

3. Praxis

  • other than a luscious word that rolls off the tongue, praxis is one of the most underutilized and potent tips for training
  • praxis is a tenant of popular education and it simply means constantly cycling back and forth between action and theory
  • great trainings take full advantage of this, adding some theory / information and then anchoring it with practice / application / experience, then back to more theory  / information
  • rinse, repeat – practice your praxis

4.  Get your free flishtube

  • it’s free, it’s easy to use and most of all it has great impact on learning – it’s flishtube a.k.a. Flickr, Delicious and Youtube
  • these examples of educational technology really add oomph and they’re fun to use
  • Flickr is a photo sharing site; by doing an advanced search you can find gorgeous photos with a Creative Commons license that gives you the artist’s permission to use.  Here’s my Flickr account – you can see not only photos I’ve taken and used in trainings but also my favourites (other people’s photos I’ve used in blog posts; always with credit).
  • how many times  have you found a great resource on the web only to not be able to find it later.  Enter Delicious, a social bookmarking site – click on my Delicious account and you instantly have free access to some 1500 training resources I’ve tagged on the web.
  • if I have to tell you that Youtube is a video sharing site I seriously want the address of the cave you’ve been living in.  You can find almost anything on Youtube and it’s a powerful way to illustrate your training points.   Here’s my Youtube channel for some examples of videos I’ve made and use in training.
  • whichever educational tech tools you use make sure they are anchored in your learning objectives

5.  Don’t default to your personal vault

  • deeply buried, in the cobweb corners of your mind vault are your assumptions about the RIGHT way to learn, which translated means the way YOU learn
  • unless we take out those assumptions and dust them off we’re at risk of teaching how we like to learn … which is great … for the portion of your learners who happen to learn like you
  • examine your training content and delivery methods to make sure they’re both accessible and inclusive
  • don’t default to your personal vault or you’ll unwittingly exclude learners

So there you have it – the first half of 10 tips for trainers-  bumblebee butts & booty.  See the next post for part two – avoiding hairy, naked guys.

I welcome any tips you’d like to share.  Please feel free.


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