The blind leading the blind … literally

Remember the old joke about 3 blind men describing an elephant?  One man, holding the tail, describes it entirely differently than another man who is touching its truck, which is yet again different from the man touching its tusk.

Perspective.  It can be a potential killer.  Limited perspective can kill ideas, creativity, critical thinking, innovation, workplace engagement and effecting change.  Limited perspective can make a training dull, boring and what’s worse not accessible and inclusive.

Perspective. It can be a tremendous help.  It can be strategic, eye opening, engaging and effective.  It can lead to workshops that expand the minds and perspectives of you and the participants.

Depends on what kind of perspective you have.  How is your perspective limited?  How is it expanded?

Each of the 8 Life Lenses™ has its own perspective – places where things get ‘seen’ and places that remain in the dark.  Like us all, if we can identify where our perspective shines and where we’re limited we’ll be more strategic.

Talking about perspective, check out the clip below of the blind leading the blind.

Perspective.  Gotta get me some of that.

Mercado Business Magazine – Argentine


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