Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2010

Since 2007 Jane Hart, of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, has been putting together an annual list of top learning tools.  The completed 2010 list is at the end of this post and the emerging 2011 list is here.

I tried out a couple that were new to me;

  • Glogster, for making posters (slide #25 from the Slideshare presentation below)
  • Wallwisher, on online whiteboard (slide #26)
  • Livebinder, organizing online resources into virtual 3 ring binders, see the video here (slide #64)
  • Mindmeister, a mind mapping tool, here’s an example, a public map of how to win friends & influence people (slide #76)
  • Voki, creates speaking characters with your own voice; now this was really fun; see the character I created in less than 5 minutes (by way of full disclosure know that my avatar matches my own hair & eye colour, but other resemblance is a bit of a stretch)  (slide #82)

I hope you enjoy the banquet of tools.  Please do let me know if you use any and how you find them.  And if you have some to add.

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