Easy, free planning tools to help you get the year you want

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. ~ John Lubbock

Where I work & play, this time of year the daylight hours are short, the wind blows strong & the rain falls frequently (interspersed with the odd snowfall that brings the city to a standstill).  It’s a time made for glancing back & looking forward.  A time for reflection, for planning.

My invitation is to take some time to do just that, glance back & look forward.

I’ll use Life Lenses™, a self-assessment tool designed to let you see where your perspective shines & where the dark spots are.  To help you further I’ve included a resource for each of the eight lenses or perspectives.

1. From the Mountain Life Lens™ perspective:

The Mountain Lens gives us a big, broad view.  Patterns, trends, highlights.  In 2010 I took a business development course called the e-series, which did just that.  It was a great learning opportunity to think big …. bigger.  What was your equivalent in 2010?  What will it be for 2011?
Here’s a resource to help you stay atop the mountain: 2011 list of top learning resources.

2. Mountain’s opposite the Carrot Life Lens™ perspective:

The Carrot Lens gives us depth & details.  Systems, systems, systems.  In 2010 I spent some time getting my social media systematized.  Now it’s a (painless) breeze to enter my analytics for each month.  What systems did you implement in 2010?  What systems are calling in 2011?

Here’s a free social media-benchmarking template if that system is calling your carrot.

Want to read about the other perspectives & planning resources designed to help you get the year you want? Download the full article here.

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