3 easy, free, funny planning tools to help you get the year you want part 3

In terms of looking ahead to help unfurl what the new year will bring we’ve covered the serious stuff – an article on how to get the year you want and 6 resources to help you do just that.

Now it’s time for the fun and funny.

  1. If you need some conviction check out Taylor Mali’s video (3:04 min) (or see below)
  2. Good planning means taking on a variety of perspectives.  Here’s one – an Indian Mona Lisa (2:26 min) (or see below)
  3. This one comes with a Warning: if you don’t like f*bombs stay away from this video.  If you want a hilarious take on what overcoming adversity that the new year can bring check out Colleen Wainwright’s (aka the Communicatrix) video (2:43 min) (or see below)

Want to read about the other perspectives & planning resources designed to help you get the year you want? Download the full article here.

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Some conviction with Taylor Mali:

Perspective? How about DaVinci’s Mona Lisa as an Indian sketch:

The boulder song, f* bombs included:


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