Peek at the to-do lists of some right interesting folk

Last year round about now I did a series of posts on my to-do, to continue doing, to stop doing, not to do, to-done, and to’odle lists.  (See below for a quick summary of each and a link to download a template to create your own.)

This year I thought I’d ask some right interesting folk what’s on their lists and share their responses with you.  I’ll do one post on each of the segments – today’s is on to-do’s.  You’ll see a theme that emerges pretty darn quick…

While you’re reading, think about what inspires and speaks to you.  How does it influence your to-do list?

To Do – or things I want to start doing, being or having  this month

From Dyana Valentine, who helps self-starters self-finish and whose Perfect Pitch process is nigh on perfect – Having more time in silence; doing less and more intensely YES activities (both biz/personal); being more open to invitations and unexpected opportunities.

From Danielle LaPorte, lifestyle diva, style maven, Fire Starter & WhiteHot Truth mama – I want to write 3 amazing books in 2 years. Uhuh.  And do more yoga. And go to Greece. And up my philanthropic offerings.  And wear more Donna Karan.

From Melodie Biringer Queen of all we Crave & Mistress of Women’s business development – I just spent the last few weeks getting my to-do list to zero.  now i know it will populate again.

From Kerri Carlson – the Wonder Woman behind the inspirational Every Woman annual conferenceRead one book a week, drink more water, sit doing nothing & make sleep a priority.

From Oz Sokoh, U.K. Shell Geo-scientist by day and foodie blogger by night – Read & write every day, read at least one book a week & wake up early to write for half an hour on my food blog, my writing blog & not-yet-online-work & life blog

From Melanda Schmid, UN Habitat consultant in Kenya, non-violent communications fiend & lover of earrings – Having a stable job, a home base, and a committed partnership!

And in case you think I know not men, this in from Pat Jarvis – dedicated to Paralympic sport, Order of Canada recipient, his perigrination & peripatetic lifestyle is dedicated to making the world a better place (& is brought to you by the letter ‘p’) –  Slow down time;  moving towards a meditative, reflective period in each day although may have to consider moving meditation as a transition….back to Tai Chi or perhaps yoga that could also introduce me to more flexibility (physical and mental?).

From Sam Crespi, writer, ever curious, purposeful wanderer – I want to study further and practice non-violent or compassionate communication, something that also involves deep listening.  As change continues to speed up and be more uncertain, this kind of training will serve all of us well and make our relationships more meaningful.  Write more and play more.  Give and ask for more hugs.  I keep sensing that there are a lot of people out  there who are starved for this simple and easy life affirming act. Bring ‘em on!  We’ll all be better with more hugs.

From Michelle Royle, one of the best trainers I know, whose integrity can’t be topped, a deep thinker, traveler & dry humourist – Say Yes to more Fun – Play – Creative adventures.  Having work that allows me to serve the world and in doing so it will feed me. More financial assets. Work I love in a place with people who welcome my contribution, are fun, respectful and kind.  Falling in Love.

From Johanne Gallagher, the wickedly funny, charming Irish Diva living, working & playing in Norway – I want to exercise more and take care of myself.  Dance more tango.  Have lots of joy.

Self-care in order to serve.  That’s what I hear.

And you?  What’s on your list?

Watch for segments from these same folks I’ll cover in upcoming posts:

To continue doing

  • these work, so I should continue doing these

To stop doing

  • I tried these but they aren’t effective, so I shouldn’t do them anymore

To not do

  • I know I want to stay away from these

To done

  • yep, that’s not a typo; these are my accomplishments – I am proud of these.  This one is left off most lists I know of and yet it’s critical to take time to reflect on what we’ve done not just on what’s left to do.


  • what to do when I need to float, let my mind wander, and relax

To download your own template to use as you wish simply click here: Rock.Paper.Scissors To Do template

Stay tuned for the next compilation – the to-continue doing lists.


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2 Responses to “Peek at the to-do lists of some right interesting folk”

  1. Sam Crespi Says:
    February 13th, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Wow, you’ve placed me in such wonderful company! I have daily to do lists and then long term which are focused on dreams and visions I’m creating for my future. When I review the latter I feel as if I’m giving myself a great party.
    Your blog rocks!!

  2. Lee-Anne Ragan Says:
    February 14th, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Glad you’re enjoying the company you’re keeping Sam. I wish I could get you all the same room. Now that would be some fine conversation!

    I LOVE the notion of giving yourself a party. Celebrating you!

    I like the distinction you make between daily to do lists and longer terms ones that are focused on dreams/visions. I also like the notion of moving towards these dreams one list item at a time. Knowing that things will be added & dropped from the list as needed, I think they provide some helpful structure (as long we don’t take ourselves or our lists too seriously).

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