Stop in the name of sanity; see what’s on Danielle LaPorte’s & other’s ‘no way Jose’ list

Stop in the name of … love?  Peace? Sanity?  Self-preservation?

Yes.  Stop.

Third in a series, this post collects some wonderful musings of what some equally wonderful folk want to stop doing.  Far from filling up their plates with more to-do’s, these are things they want to take off their plates.

The series includes things to-do, to continue doing, to stop doing, not to do, to-done, and to’odle lists.  See below for a quick summary of each and a link to download a template to create your own.

Click here for a look at the to-do lists of the folks below and here for their to-continue lists.

I hope you find inspiration for holding up and waving your own stop sign.  Who knows what will happen when the resulting space is created!

To Stop Doing – or ‘I tried these but they aren’t effective, so I shouldn’t do them anymore’

From Dyana Valentine, who helps self-starters self-finish and whose Perfect Pitch process is nigh on perfect –

I commit to stop questioning myself around adventures. For example, several workshops, classes and trips I took last year were really wonderful. The lead in to making those decisions was like a game of mental ping pong (played by Olympians who never miss): yes, no, yes, no, oohhh! good shot, yes, no. It was exhausting.

From Danielle LaPorte, lifestyle diva, style maven, Fire Starter & WhiteHot Truth mama – 

I have a “No Way Jose” list. I: don’t do red eye flights, don’t speak for free unless it’s for fundraising for charity, don’t do client work on weekends.

From Melodie Biringer Queen of all we Crave & Mistress of Women’s business development –

I wrote a book this last year about the 20 businesses I have started over a 30 year span and discovered some common lessons learned that I have been repeating.  What I would like to do this year is pay attention to my top lessons learned and stop making the same mistakes.

From Kerri Carlson – the Wonder Woman behind the inspirational Every Woman annual conference

Worrying.  Packing too many things into my work time (Because I get frustrated when I don’t accomplish all that I wanted to do).

From Oz Sokoh, U.K. Shell Geo-scientist by day and foodie blogger by night –

Thinking & not Acting.  Judging.  Presuming.  Assuming.

From Melanda Schmid, UN Habitat consultant in Kenya, non-violent communications fiend & lover of earrings –

Arguing with my mother!

And in case you think I know not men, this in from Pat Jarvis – dedicated to Paralympic sport, Order of Canada recipient, his perigrination & peripatetic lifestyle is dedicated to making the world a better place (& is brought to you by the letter ‘p’) – 

Making business decisions to please others rather than to remain true to my own pursuits and interests.

From Sam Crespi, writer, ever curious, purposeful wanderer –

Being lazy about exercising.  Judging myself instead of taking more leaps of faith.  I happen to love The Fool in the Tarot deck and adore Charlie Chaplin.  Both follow their instincts and are willing to ‘jump off the cliff.’  If things go wrong, they pick themselves up and start all over.  Their behavior implies the willingness to be vulnerable and the ability to laugh at one’s mistakes.

From Michelle Royle (that’s her, upper left, swimming with dolphins) one of the best trainers I know, whose integrity can’t be topped, a deep thinker, traveler & dry humourist

Staying up late.  Beating my self up for ‘failing’.

From Johanne Gallagher, the wickedly funny, charming Irish Diva living, working & playing in Norway

Worrying about money.

And you?  What’s on your to-stop doing list?

Watch for upcoming segments from these same folks and/or already covered posts:

To do

  • things I want to start doing, being or having  this month

To continue doing

  • these work, so I should continue doing these

To stop doing

  • I tried these but they aren’t effective, so I shouldn’t do them anymore

To not do

  • I know I want to stay away from these

To done

  • yep, that’s not a typo; these are my accomplishments – I am proud of these.  This one is left off most lists I know of and yet it’s critical to take time to reflect on what we’ve done not just on what’s left to do.


  • what to do when I need to float, let my mind wander, and relax

To download your own template to use as you wish simply click here: Rock.Paper.Scissors To Do template

Stay tuned for the next compilation – the not to-do lists.


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2 Responses to “Stop in the name of sanity; see what’s on Danielle LaPorte’s & other’s ‘no way Jose’ list”

  1. Kitchen Butterfly Says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Oh Lee-Ann, what a wonderful compilation. I have so much to learn fromthe pearls of wisdom shared here by all these women and a man…….thank you for reminding me of my commitment to myself. I’m going to publish them on my blog, with links back. Stay blessed.

  2. Lee-Anne Ragan Says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Hi Oz- what a lovely notion – a ‘commitment to oneself’. Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom. Looking forward to reading your blog posts. Feel free to comment again and include the urls. Cheers to you & your many pearls.

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