Some free resources to ensure being on track and being true to yourself isn’t antithetical

The recent Rock.Paper.Scissors newsletter includes an interview with Dyana Valentine and explores whether being true to yourself and being on track is antithetical.

Check out the following resources to help you do both – be on track and be true to yourself.

Need to create some space to reflect on you and your work?  Check out this site.  It will help clear the decks and it only takes 2 minutes.

Worried about the waves these kinds of changes may cause?  Know that water seeks its own level and while there can be some big waves, things will settle in.  This 1:28 minute video proves it.

Thinking that spending time getting on track and being true to yourself is too self-focused?  Check out this post by Jennifer Louden, why self-care is good for your business.  It’s written from the perspective of a home-based business but it applies to anyone.

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