What kind of learning can happen in a library with no books? Turns out a lot

I love learning.

Soaking up learning from the wide variety of  books I read and taking the odd continuing education course from time to time (right now I’m taking a mixed media course) are my idea of bliss.  Forget Calgon, I don’t need no bubbles to carry me off to faraway places and new ways of approaching the mysteries that are every day life.

Being able to lug home multiple mystery books (my fav fiction to read) from the library feels like a guilty pleasure.  Which made me all the more curious to read about a library with no books.

Yep, all 16,000 books were gone, taken, checked out by various  townsfolk.  They emptied the entire library.

Why you ask?

To make a point.

The town of Stony Stratford in the U.K. had plans to close down the public library so the community pulled together to make an emphatic point.  They even created a Facebook page to help get the word out.  Today’s count bring the page 1576 ‘likes’.

Just as the shelves were gapingly empty, this kind of short sighted thinking (closing a library to save money) cuts off learning opportunities at the knees.

It leaves us gasping with brains agape for learning.

When was the last time you visited your public library and perused its offerings?  Do yourself a favour and go.  Check out the librarians’ recommendations.  Who knows, it may just open up a whole new world of learning.


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