What kind of journey are you on – measured, secure & contained or wild with risk & opportunities?

My good friend Dyana Valentine took this photo of her friend's necklace while on holiday in Big Sur.

No matter if the journey (Journey Life Lens™) is a strong preference of yours or if you avoid it all costs (preferring to get to the point, the destination – Destination Life Lens™) we’ve all got to deal.

Deal with the open road and the horizon that beckons. Find our own path that works. For us.

Some look forward. To the destination.

Some look around. At the journey.

Some of us get ‘there’ faster than others, that’s the whole point no? Gotta check it off my list and then onto another horizon.

Others meander, tracing an organic, iterative path. You gotta stop and smell the flowers folks!

Whatever journey you’re on, whether it’s measured, secure and contained or wild with risk and opportunities, I wish you your own form of reward.


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