You make sex boring – getting intimate about speaking and training with Scott Berkun, author of Confessions of a Public Speaker

Setting the Stage:

You make sex boring, is one eye-catching item on Scott Berkun’s short list of big things not to do when you’re public speaking.  In other words anyone can kill a topic by speaking in a monotone voice, looking disinterested, picking uninspired examples and behaving like you don’t care about what you’re saying.

If you’re bent on not making sex boring and being a ‘connection maker, sharing an authentic part’ of yourself to create ‘a singular, positive experience for the audience’ Scott’s book ‘Confessions of a Public Speaker’ will help.

Whether you regularly deliver speeches and training or you’re simply called on from time to time to speak in front of groups this book will help you be more effective.  After all, while public speaking is nerve rattling for many, ‘they’re [your audience] not judging you as much as you think because they don’t care as much as you think’.  Teaching is ‘an intimacy of the mind’ so let’s get intimate.

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