How you teach is how you do everything – part 7: an end to learning

‘How you teach is how you do everything’ is the title of a recent blog post written by Jen Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen, the queens of TeachNow. The essence of the post is an 8 point outline of what it does and doesn’t mean to teach with heart and soul.

I liked their post so much I’ve written a post for each point. You can read the first six posts here:

Point #7

Some think they need to learn more and more and more to have the right to teach.

Others remain students throughout their lives, but are moved by inspiration rather than inadequacy.


My take on ending learning

If you end your learning you’re sunk.  Period.

Great teachers remain constantly curious about both their subject matter and how to teach it.  Inspiration for both are welcome day and night, pen always at hand to capture those elusive ideas.

Great teachers continue to ask themselves:

  • How can I hook my students in?
  • How can I provide a sumptuous, inclusive smorgasbord of learning that is even the most resistant of learners can’t resist?
  • What ________ (insert: books, videos, bloggers, magazines, people, conferences, meetups, websites, podcasts) can I delve into and hook up with to keep learning?
  • How can I tweak that bit?
  • How can I reinvigorate that part?
  • How can I make learning fun and suffering optional?
  • How can I continue to keep my spirit of adventure when it comes to learning and know that what I know is but a drop in a plentiful, overflowing bucket?

To find out more about the TeachNow series with Jen Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen (including an interview with yours truly) click here.


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