Two types of small intentional acts that lead to success (via Leapzone TV)

Intentional questions are a great guide to managing change and development.

Here are some I’ve gleaned from Isabelle Mercier of Leapzone who says small, consistent intentional actions lead to massive results.

Isabelle is a pioneer brand builder and performance catalyst. She works with small businesses to amp up their strategy and growth.

Not a small business owner?  Not a problem.  I’ve taken information from a cross-section of some of her Leapzone TV online shows and applied it below.

Intentional question #1:

What is something small and consistent that, done with intention, will lead you towards building your business, trying out a new training format, applying for a new job or reaching another goal?

Here are some suggestions:

  • go to Amazon and google your topic.  Order the highest rated book and read away.
  • search LinkedIn for someone new to connect with on your topic.
  • twist the format on YouLookFab, where readers post pictures of themselves wearing an outfit that they want advice on, for your own purposes.  Video yourself making your pitch, teaching a portion of a new workshop etc. and upload it to Youtube.  Make it private and share it with folks you trust for feedback.

Intentional question #2:

Evolution is disruptive.  Change happens period.

At the same time we can stand in our own way of our success.  How have you been your own expansion prevention machine? Here are some suggestions, again, for small intentional acts, that make a big difference:

  • Isabelle says It’s easier to do it than dwell on it. If procrastination is holding you back, find an accountability buddy and commit to one action item this week and the day and time you’ll touch base to follow-up.
  • Stuck in analysis paralysis?  Taking yourself too seriously?  I prescribe a giggle or two.  Watch the outtakes at the end of each of Isabelle’s very well produced Leapzone TV issues.

So go ahead.  Be intentional.  Be bold.  Your small acts may very well lead to big payoffs.


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