Recruitment tips from one of the largest executive search firms in the world, Odgers Berndtson

Whether you’re under the magnifying glass being sussed out for a new position or the one holding the magnifying glass, recruitment is a big issue these days.  Recruiting is expensive and mistakes more so.

For this month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. e-newsletter I invited Catherine VanAlstine, Executive Recruiter, and Partner with Odgers Berndtson, a global executive search firm, to share her top tips.
1. How has recruitment changed over the years?

More than ever companies have recognized that culture fit, communications and interpersonal skills are critical to the success of a new hire.  In years gone by, executives got excited by technical skills, past experience, and blue chip employer names on a resume.  They were lured into hiring people because of their cache.
Today attention to culture fit and interpersonal skills has allowed companies to develop stronger team oriented environments, which have in turn contributed to creative and innovative thinking and collaborative problem solving.

2. What qualities and skills never go out of style?  What can savvy recruits bring to the table that others frequently miss?

One thing that will never go out of style is the art of communication.  Savvy candidates have the ability to engage with interviewers in an open, articulate fashion. They have the ability to not only hear the question but figure out what the interviewer is really interested in finding out.

If they are not sure what the interviewer is looking for they are able to phrase their answer in a manner that sets the stage for the interviewer.   When I coach people  I explain that the effective use of  the phases: I appreciate, I understand or  If you are asking me…, as a  start to a response positions their answer in a way that allows the interview to understand the context of the answer.

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