Storytelling as a culture builder – 3 funny resources to help you get storytelling

Storytelling is an underused strategic tool for building and maintaining great organizations.  In my last two posts I covered 9 tips to help you get storytelling and three resources to help you get going.

Now for three funny resources to tickle your storytelling funny bone:

1.  Listen to how this feisty grandma, a former nurse, tells of meeting her husband while he was in for hemorrhoid surgery (4:18 min)!  The technique draws you in as the audio is set to a cartoon.

2. If you can breath between laughing take note of comedian Jeanne Robertson’s storytelling technique  in the video below as she talks about how you shouldn’t send a man to the grocery store.  The whole video is 7:53 min but you can start at 1:55 if time is tight – the gist is she’s sent her husband to the store with a list of ingredients to buy for making cakes.

3. Check this out for none other than a periodic table of storytelling!

Want to know more?  Check out the storytelling article with 9 tips & more resources listed here in Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc.’s latest e-newsletter.


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