Cross cultural communications – are you in?

We interrupt this blog post for an important message:

Taken the ‘test’ on cross-cultural communications yet? No?  Get on over to this post with the test (and a prize!).  If you can answer the question in the comment section you could win a Life Lenses™ assessment.


Cross cultural communications. It’s a BIG topic.

It has a BIG impact on training & development.

Cross cultural communications affects:

  • when do we start our trainings? what’s considered ‘on-time’ and ‘late’?
  • how do we use power? Do we share it, keep it or pass it on?
  • what training techniques do we choose?  Which ones do we leave out?
  • how do we arrange the training space?  Where do we sit or stand?  Where do the participants?
  • what do we wear?
  • how formal or informal are we?

Cross cultural communications – intriguing, uplifting, confusing, energizing, energy consuming and ever present.


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