Shedding light on the stories of women & HR, ten top tips

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Recently I facilitated a panel discussion of senior Human Resources women for BCHRMA in order to tease out and build upon their stories.  What a night!  The panelists hummed and the audience responded.  Here are the mistresses of HR stories:


No matter the differences.

No matter if they came from a supportive family or if they went it bravely alone.

No matter whether they’d spent their career in the same organization for some 34 years,

Or changed both sectors and organizations,

There were remarkable similarities.

Here are some of the themes these successful women shared (part one):

  • look around you – listen to what people are saying
  • fear and risk are unavoidable – so deal … and deal well (fear can be a great motivator)
  • humour is a universal theme – embrace it and use it as a strategic tool
  • grow from your innate talents
  • be open – embrace the unknown
  • pay attention to your health and your wellness
  • get support from people you trust
  • success means being confident
  • success means being competent
  • work towards respect – be a realist AND an optimist – know that respect is a human rights issue and issue that needs to be protected

Would you add any?  What’s worked for you?

Stay tuned for the next post with another top 10 tips.


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