More rock star stories of women & HR, ten more top tips

Recently I facilitated a panel discussion of senior Human Resources women for BCHRMA in order to tease out and build upon their stories.  What a night!  The panelists hummed and the audience responded.  Here are the mistresses of HR stories:


No matter the differences.

No matter if they came from a supportive family or if they went it bravely alone.

No matter whether they’d spent their career in the same organization for some 34 years,

Or changed both sectors and organizations,

There were remarkable similarities.


Here some of the themes these successful women shared (part two) (see part one here):

  • spend time IN the business – understand the business: cultivate the skills to be able to take a deep dive in
  • have active conversations about the business because it will give you credibility
  • lean into and follow your intuition
  • be a lifelong learner
  • life is short so follow your passion
  • embrace change and know that your ability to embrace it may be stronger than your business’ ability so cultivate being a proactive change agent
  • getting buy in, creating ownership, facilitating engagement are critical skills – exercise those muscles
  • balance being bold and being certain with being open and questioning
  • know that context and culture can change everything, especially perspective
  • the journey towards access, inclusion and diversity is complex and critical

And you?  What has worked for you and what are you continuing to work on?


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