Bringing ease & efficiency – say it with me ‘ease & efficiency’ – to you & your life

Who wants some ease?  Some efficiency?

When time is tight, demands are high and stress is all you can see and feel around you … bring on the ease & efficiency.

When time is loose, demands are low and stress is a dot on the far  horizon, still … bring on more ease & efficiency.

One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I challenged myself to make a list from A-Z of business tools that bring ease to my life.  Being the lover of lists that I am, it came with ease.

So here, to share with you, are more than 26 tools that bring ease and efficiency to my life. I sincerely hope they do the same for you.

Want a sample?  Check out typeit4me (it’s on the list), one of my all time favourites, passed onto me by Jodi Womack.  Once you make abbreviations for text you frequently type, and input those same abbreviations into typeit4me, simply type the abbreviation and the program spits it all out for you.

Rather more elegantly than that, it lovingly displays your text, graphics, urls etc in word, wordpress, excel, etc.  A phrase, a list, a page of information, it’s all there.

A thing of beauty, a thing of ease & efficiency.


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