3 resources solely to make you chuckle – may the farce be with you

Did you know that Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. is both a training and entertainment company? 

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In every issue we include an article, related resources, resources on the lighter side and upcoming events.  The last 2 blog posts talked about the article, where Diana Frances, VP of Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. & Director of Entertainment, pulls back the curtain on 4 lessons you can learn from life as a professional improv comedian and 3 related resources for adding humour to your day and your work.

This one focuses on the lighter side – 3 resources designed solely to make you chuckle;

  • Time to take ourselves not so seriously- even if that means waiting for 140 turtles on the JFK runway (1:13 min)
  • Are you or your employees playing mindless computer games at work?  Look what can happen! (skip ahead to the 2:40 minute mark for a 1 min clip)


  • May the farce be with you (1:02).


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