Are you all hat & no cattle? asks John Rich

Ok.  I freely (somewhat abashedly) admit.  I’m a reality show junkie.  During the recent run of Celebrity Apprentice county singer and contestant John Rich (who knew they made country singers so dang cute?) was overheard saying …

Are you all hat and no cattle?

Love it.

When it comes to training & development how’s your hat to cattle ratio?

  • Do you walk your talk as a trainer?
  • Do you know that taking breaks encourages retention, but you just want to squeeze in one (or five) more things?
  • Do you know that participants learn best when they’re in their zone of proximal development, but find yourself taking it easy or pushing too hard?
  • Do you know that humour is great for learning but find you’re scared to use it?

Training and development is tough.  Invoking interest (let along learning) when attention is so scarce ain’t for the faint of heart.

Come on.  Join me for a wild ride.  Grab your hat and your cattle.  Let’s go wrangle some learning.


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