Are you in your training & development zone? The sponge lady sure is!

As a trainer it’s key to be in your zone. Tired? Bored? Don’t like your subject matter? Your participants will be able to tell in a nano-second.

Not only do you need to be in your zone but your participants too.

Vygotsky coined the term zone of proximal development and it’s key to keep in mind when training.  Content too hard?  Participants will shut down in frustration.  Content too easy?  Participants will tune out in boredom.  Content just right?  That’s the sweet spot.

Check out what being in the zone looks like for one instructor. While I don’t necessarily recommend this much enthusiasm (tongue in cheek!), it makes the point about the effect being enthusiastic.  I dare you not to get a little bit enthused about watching her enthusiasm.

The zone.  Gotta love it.

(And speaking of being in the zone, stay tuned for an exciting announcement!)


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