Jessica Fraser, co-founder, Mobile Movement, on innovation.

I recently co-hosted AIESEC’s Youth to Business Forum where 500 delegates came from 110 countries to engage, inspire and take action on three tracks: innovation, corporate responsibility and leadership.

My last two posts talked about wise words from AIESEC speakers Chris Weeks, Director for Humanitarian Affairs, DHL and what he said about corporate responsibility and Marianne Knuth and what she had to say about leadership.

Today’s post is about Jessica Fraser (that’s her above), co-founder of Mobile Movement and what she had to say at AIESEC about innovation.

  • Jess says that Mobile Movement connects those who have with those in need, which is one of the best and most concise descriptors ever.  Don’t you just want to click on the link above and find out more?
  • when you’re all about innovation you need a community to hold you so you can take those risks (that innovation involves).  This was perhaps my favourite point of Jess’s.  I like the balance between being brave, bold and innovative with being vulnerable and held.
  • don’t forget why you’re doing what you’re doing – in other words lift your head up and take a look at the big picture from time to time
  • and finally, Jess says be clear about why you’re trying to innovate

And you?  What’s on your innovation agenda?


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