Rock.Paper.Scissors E-newsletter’s out: Funny Social Media resources from ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Social Media and the 3 little pigs’

Ouch! Attention all employees and employers: A great example of what NOT to post on Facebook and how NOT to react to said bad post!

Have you left a comment on the 29 ways to stay creative when you’re training (part 3 of 3) post?   No?  Hurry up!  The contest closes today, Monday, September 26th.  Simply enter a comment to be entered to win a copy of the song ‘Eureka.’


The latest Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. e-newsletter is out, where I review the book Social HR by Harpaul Sambhi and interview the author.

In this post I serve up some Social Media resources on the lighter side, in the last post I write a review about Social HR and in another I dish up some Social Media resources on the serious side.  Want to read the whole newsletter? Check it out here.

Are you befuddled with Social Media?  Got your knickers in knot?  Relax.  After catching your breath from reading the Facebook post gone bad above take a look at some of these other fun and funny Social Media resources from the Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. e-newsletter:

  • Twitter got you all a flutter?  Check out this fun & catchy video below.  Caution: it’s catchy. (3:47 min)


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