And the winners of ‘Eureka’ are …. (insert drum roll here)

I came across this great video (see below) from Tofu Design called 29 ways to stay creative.  It caught my eye because the title  assumes you and me are creative to start with, which is my mantra.  Creativity is in our DNA – some of us just have to dig deeper for it if we’ve been discouraged from displaying our creative gifts.

I wrote a 3 part post on the 29 ways to stay creative and offered up the song ‘Eureka’ to three folk who commented on the last post.  (Read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.)

Loved reading the comments that came in on the blog and on Facebook. Here are the winners, drawn at random:

Cam Sylvester

Travel: virtual or real. It is tied more closely I guess to more stimulus, which seems on the surface the opposite of Cadi. But like a good martini, it is all in the proper proportions.

Sam Crespi

How to stay with it? Sometimes, it’s the simple act of sitting down in front of the computer despite any resistance I may be feeling. I may be driven by my curiosity which is something that’s very strong in me; asking what if, why, what will the consequences be if a character does this or that. In the morning before I begin, I meditate on clearing my mind, and receiving guidance. If I get tired, I get up and dance!

Diane Prentice:

This is more about trying to capture the creative bits as they crop up but I find it useful to keep some post-it notes in the car. That way I can jot down ideas when I think about them (or when something on the radio sparks an idea or I hear something I want to remember/check out). By using a sticky post-it stuck on the dashboard I am more likely to see the note and take it with me where I can (in theory) do something with it.

The problem of sitting at your desk so long your legs become stiff seems to be an increasing problem for me. To combat it, I have moved both my garbage can and my recycling box away from my desk with neither being close to the other. The idea is that I need to get up to put things into either vessel or possibly just to pick up the paper that has missed the target when I attempt to cheat and toss the paper in as if shooting baskets.

Thanks for your timely and helpful comments.

Missed the original video?  Check it out below.



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