A social media training treasure hunt

Today is the first day of a brand spanking new course I’m teaching called ‘Transforming Workplace Learning through Social Media’ and I thought I’d let you in on some of the treasures to be found when you incorporate Social Media into your training and development work.

(And yes, Social Media deserves to be capitalized ….. pun intended.)

New to Social Media?  A little nervous about it?  Haven’t a hot clue how to use it in training and development?

Have no fear, that’s where this treasure hunt comes in.  Simply answer the questions below – and put your answers on this Google Doc I created.  To do that, simply click on the link, add your name to the next column and type in your answers to the questions below.  Here we go.

There are 10 questions that highlight 10 different Social Media tools.  Have fun matey – as thar’s gold in the waves that Social Media is creating.

  • Facebook – isn’t just something that your teenage kid does to annoy you, it’s the source of all sorts of great things.  Take a look at my Facebook page and write a comment below one of my posts.  Then copy your comment to the Google doc page.
  • Twitter – look at my Twitter profile and look at my lists.  Lists are groups of people I follow, categorized into, well, lists.  Find my Social Media Twitter list and click on one person from the list.  Put their name in the Google doc  and 1 interesting thing about them.  Having trouble finding the list?  You can access it directly here.  OR if you are comfortable with Twitter, send me a tweet asking me a question (write your question in the Google doc as well).  My Twitter handle (or name) is @LeeAnneRagan
  • Blogs-  are great for sharing vast amounts of resources and training material.  Take a look at my Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. blog, read one post (any post) and write down three words that the post makes you think of on the Google doc.  (This is going to be fun – I’ll surprise you later with what I’m going to do with those three words.)
  • Delicious –  is a marvelous social bookmarking site.  Once you have an account (which is free) you can ‘tag’ or put reminder words on websites and other resources that you come across on the web.  It’s like having a full-time knowledge management person at your beck and call.  Check out my Delicious account.  Click on one link that I’ve bookmarked (any link) and write down which one you clicked on in the Google doc.
  • Flickr – is a photo sharing site.  Currently there are some 2 billion photos stored there.  Check out my Flickr ‘stream’ (just a fancy word for my Flickr account) and look at some of the photos.  Describe one of the photos in the Google doc (or if you know how, copy the photo into the Google doc).
  • AStore – (or Amazon store) is a great way to list the books you recommend as a trainer.  You can list books by categories to make it really easy for your training participants.  See my AStore as an example.  Look at the ‘Training Trainers: how to teach’ section.  Browse the books.  Which one is your favourite?  List it on the Google doc.
  • Newsletters – continue to be a good way of reaching groups that haven’t yet caught onto Social Media as much.  My monthly newsletter are all listed here.  Click on one of them and record your thoughts about it on the Google doc.  (Make sure you include the name of the newsletter you’re commenting on.)
  • Doodle – is a fun online tool that helps find out when is the best time for people to meet.  I’ve created a mock Doodle which you can access here.  Pretend that we are trying to find the best time to leave on a training & development study tour in Paris.  Simply click on the link above, enter your mock (remember this is mock!) results, then also enter your #1 date on the Google do. Merci!
  • Video is a great way to use Social Media – either ones other people have filmed or ones you yourself have recorded.  Below is an example video I shot to describe the Social Media course.  Take a look and see if you can guess where it was filmed (any and all creative responses are welcome).  Write your response in the Google doc.


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