It’s not my job & other reasons not to change (or learn)

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I come across a lot of resistant folk in my line of work (training & development).  This graphic, which I found on Doug Ragan’s facebook page, encapsulates resistance perfectly.

I call resistance the ‘yes but, no but, rabbit’.  As in:

  • yes, but marketing will never go for it
  • no, we don’t have enough time for that
  • that’s all well & good but … (the but negates everything that comes before it)

Acknowledging resistance is key to overcoming it.

I appreciate that it’s not everyone’s first choice to be in a workshop.  Acknowledging that to the group is key to getting people onside for learning.  Because to learn is to make oneself vulnerable, and allowing oneself to be vulnerable takes guts.

What stands in your way of learning?  Of changing?



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