Penguins playing rock paper scissors = lessons about breaking out

Creative Commons licensed on Flickr by: Lucy Nieto

There’s a saying in conflict resolution circles that when the going gets rough, we tend to do more of whatever it is that’s not working.

Kinda like the cute penguins in the video clip below.

There’s also a saying that goes doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Funny from an outsiders view, frustrating and crazy making from the insider’s perspective, it can be tough to switch gears when we’re in a rut.

Break out.

Paper’s great but find your rock, your scissors, your dynamite, your butterflies, your lemon meringue pies (and no, I don’t know of a Rock Paper Scissors game with those additions but am making a creative point).

Couldn’t resist this adorable clip, for obvious reasons.

Hope you chuckle along.



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