Sorry you are leaving (the asylum) & other tidbits of wisdom

I originally wanted to send this to my mom after she spent a month visiting us in Africa but then I thought I’d do a blog post on it.

It’s from a fabulous site called Beautiful RevolutionHere’s what it says on the ‘about this project page’:

In 2004, I was depressed. In 2005, I was suicidal. I went to see a therapist and started writing this site. In 2006, the work on this site became a book. In 2007, I found my place in this world. In 2008, my love life was still a disaster. But then I met her–the girl on the Internet. We fell in love and got married. In 2009, I found everything. 

This project is about that journey. And trying to understand how a life can completely change.

Since its beginning in 2005 has received 7 million  individual hits – averaging 4-5000 hit per day.

Here’s to the art of living, surviving & finally, thriving.  To love and triumph.  To heartache and continued heart beats.  To being fully human with all it’s complex messy bits.  To the view from the low, low valleys and the high, high mountain tops.  To rising up when you feel like staying down.  To finding your groove & reveling in it.

But most of all here’s to the possibility of change – going from gritty to gobsmackingly great.


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