Complexity of communication makes for a bigger brain

Thomas Sander, Executive Director of the Saguaro Seminar at Harvard writes an interesting blog post about how socializing expands brain size.

Turns out Oxford scholars say the “more social creatures, among them humans, had the most rapidly expanding brain sizes to cope with the complexity of collaboration, social norms and coordination.”

In other words species who socialize grow bigger brains over time.   Cats have relatively smaller brains than dogs it’s proposed, because they are less social than dogs.

Navigating the social norms and nuances is tough enough amongst your tribe, throw in ‘other’ – those who have a different perspective, a different view, an opposing worldview – and it makes for fodder for the brain.

Who knew navigating perspective could grow your brain.  Seek out other.

Seek out similarities that are significant and differences that make a difference.  Seek out other Life Lenses™.  Your ancestors to come will thank you for their bigger brains.

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