Change management resources related to ‘Switch – how to change things when change is hard,’ by the Heath brothers

In this month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors’ newsletter I review the Heath brothers book ‘Switch – how to change things when change is hard’.  It’s a keeper.  Check out the blog post where I review the book, continue reading for resources related to the theme of change &/or keep an eye out for the next post which includes funny resources related to the theme of change.

Regardless be introduced to the elephant that is living within you (& which plays a huge role in all your change efforts).

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  • Of course if you like the article then read the book.  It’s one of my all time favourites.
  • Check out former child soldier Emmanuel Jal’s ‘We want peace’ campaign.  And do yourself a favour & watch the video below.  While you’re at it, notice how your elephant reacts to the video (mine went nuts with glee.)  I’m working with Emmanuel to do some educational activities for the concert & conferences.  Exciting stuff to apply some of the concepts of ‘Switch’ to.

  • Not convinced how susceptible we are to our environment?  Check out this sobering video below that demos the bystander effect (3.36 min).


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