A long time ago, before death by PowerPoint by Darr Reynolds

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A loooong time ago I took an in-depth training on being a literacy instructor.  I loved it.  I loved it as much for what it taught me about teaching people to read and write, as for what it taught me about design.

Yes, design.

As a learning & development professional I am all about design.

Yes, design.

No matter how good my content is, if it doesn’t look good (we’re talking written content here) brains switch to snore because I’ve made learning too tough.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my literacy training was the importance of white space.  White space gives our brains a change to breathe, a chance to distinguish one chunk of content from another, a chance to organize learning.

So so simple yet so so forgotten.

As in PowerPoint presentations.

Here’s a hilarious take on PowerPoint presentations … a long time ago, before death by PowerPoint by Darr Reynolds, who blogs about professional presentation design.  Check it out.  Your presentations will thank you.

Whether it’s on a blog, a handout, or in a PowerPoint, make sure you leave space.

  • Space between paragraphs.
  • Space along the borders of the page (have wide margins).
  • Space between sentences (a.k.a. short paragraphs).

Let your text breathe.


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